CTA Leader: Dr. Vincent Velten

The Signal/Image Processing (SIP) CTA covers the extraction of useful information from sensor outputs in real-time. DoD applications include surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, communications, avionics, smart munitions, and electronic warfare. Sensor types include sonar, radar, visible and infrared images, and signal intelligence (SIGINT) and navigation assets. Typical signal processing functions include detecting, tracking classifying, and recognizing targets in the midst of noise and jamming. Image processing functions include the generation of high-resolution low-noise imagery and the compression of imagery for communications and storage. The CTA emphasizes research, evaluation, and test of the latest signal processing concepts directed toward these embedded systems. Usually such processors are aboard deployable military systems and hence require hefty packaging, minimum size, weight, and power. System affordability is expected to improve an order-of-magnitude through the development of scalable codes running on flexible HPC systems. This will enable the traditional expensive military-unique 'black boxes' required to implement high-speed signal/image processing to be replaced by COTS HPC-based equipment.