CTA Leader: Fernando Escobar

The Forces Modeling and Simulation (FMS) CTA focuses on the research and development of HPC-based physical, logical, and behavioral models and simulations of battlespace phenomenology in the correlation of forces. These simulations are applied to experimentation, training, operational planning, mission rehearsal, system analysis, and acquisition. The acquisition domain includes research and development, test and evaluation, and production and logistics. The FMS CTA also includes the modeling of C4I systems that impact military decision making in war and operations other than war. For example, FMS simulations model the interrelationships and impact on military operations by phenomena such as: the physics of tactical radio propagation, the logical characteristics of network routing algorithms in a lossy environment, and the behavior of networked combat leaders under conditions of uncertainty. A variety of techniques are employed, including parallel discrete event simulation, evolutionary methods, and agent-based simulations that exploit the power of HPC.