Doolittle Institute - Niceville, Florida
24-27 JUNE 2024

The Who

This workshop is for all government and government contracted High Performance 
Computing Al and ML users working in the research, development, testing, and evaluation 
areas to develop Al and/or ML solutions using HPC services and capabilities provided by 
the HPC Centers within the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The What

The Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program (DoD 
HPCMP) is providing the opportunity for HPC users working in the Research, Development, 
Testing, and Evaluation (RDT&E) HPC Al and ML area to join our Second Annual Al and ML 
Solutions Workshop in order to network with other HPC Al and ML researchers and developers, learn what's happening within the HPCMP surrounding HPC Al and ML, and provide 
feedback on utilized HPC services and capabilities to help build the future HPC Al and ML 

The Why

HPC AI and ML researchers and developers will get the opportunity to
 • Participate in on-site training,
 • Receive an out-brief of last year’s processed feedback and subsequent actions,
 • Hear from HPCMP Leadership with focus on ongoing and future AI and ML efforts,
 • Network and collaborate with other HPC AI and ML researchers and developers,
 • Learn how HPC AI and ML users are solving real-world problems,
 • Share feedback on utilized HPC AI and ML services and capabilities,
 • And much more

The Registration form can be found here.

Here is the flyer for the workshop.