CTA Leader: vacant

The Electronics, Networking, and Systems/C4I (ENS) CTA focuses on the use of computational science in support of analysis, design, modeling, and simulation of electronics from the most basic fundamental, first-principles physical level to its use for communications, sensing, and information systems engineering. Accordingly, ENS activity ranges from the analysis and design of nano-devices to C4ISR systems-of-systems. This focus ties together nano-electronics, acousto-electronics, microelectro-mechanics, optoelectronics, photonics, circuits, and networks through the exploration of passive/active devices, detectors, emitters, and their physical integration and system deployment in a network-centric warfare environment. ENS methodologies have been developed to explore the nano-scale and below (e.g., electronic structure, charge transport, optical, and photonic interactions), as well as at the analog/digital circuit and communications, sensor and system level (e.g., data links and transport including signal propagation) for performance analysis of information warfare systems-of-systems and large tactical networks.