The Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE) element of the High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) represents a portfolio of investments for development, deployment, and maintenance of software in response to critical capability requirements of the DoD. These HPCMP CREATE™ software applications enable physics-based virtual prototyping and testing analysis for major Defense weapons programs.

The CREATE portfolio was established by the DoD HPCMP to meet the challenge of significantly reducing acquisition time, risk, and cost.  Increase weapon system agility, flexibility, and performance.

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CREATE's Purpose

The HPCMP CREATE™ program is designed to improve the DoD acquisition process by developing and deploying five sets of advanced computational engineering design tools for acquisition programs:

  • CREATE-AV: Military aircraft design
  • CREATE-FT: Meshing and geometry tool
  • CREATE-GV: Ground vehicle design
  • CREATE-RF: Radio frequency antenna design and integration with platforms
  • CREATE-SH: Military ship design

CREATE also offers an educational software suite, called Genesis, for undergraduate and graduate student application of computational fluid dynamics learned in the classroom.