The High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) community includes approximately 150 Service/Agency Approval Authorities (S/AAAs) that represent every organization served by the HPCMP. The role of the S/AAA is essential to providing computational resources to Department of Defense (DoD) scientists and engineers within their organization(s). S/AAAs serve as the liaison between the Program and the user. They are the users’ primary point of contact for accounts and allocations on resources provided by the HPCMP. S/AAAs are responsible for:

  • Allocating Service-/Agency-controlled CPU compute hours on HPCMP systems
  • Providing day-to-day linkage with customer organizations, the HPCMP and other S/AAAs
  • Ensuring Project Leaders and authorized users are performing work in support of the DoD
  • Implementing requirements surveys, resource allocation, resource monitoring and resource reallocation
  • Providing guidance to users on which HPC assets are appropriate for their projects
  • Trading allocations with other S/AAAs

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