Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Thank you for your participation in the HPCMP’s Internship Program. We hope you have a positive experience that ultimately facilitates both your personal and professional growth.

The HIP Online Briefcase is designed to support both the mentor and intern throughout the HIP internship. It contains specific program requirements as well as guidelines for best practices compiled over the last several years.

This file contains all of the checklists, guidelines, forms and templates required for a Mentor to meet the HIP Project Requirements.

This file contains information about obtaining a clearance, a pIE account, and IA training.

This file contains the Task Assignment Agreement, Weekly Activities Report forms and recommended Info Sheets for Intern On-Boarding.

This file contains the Guidelines, Templates and Examples for Research Portfolio submissions.

This file contains the Intern Self-Assessment, Feedback Summary and Debreifing forms to close out the Internship.


The HPCMP Workforce Development welcomes any comments and/or contributions from both mentors and interns regarding the material.



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