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TIC Initiative History

The Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Initiative, was announced in 2007 by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memorandum M-08-05 and updated by OMB memorandum M-09-32. A TIC Reference Architecture Document, Version 2.2, was released in June 2017. This document is applicable to all Federal civilian agencies, but particularly to those acting as TIC Access Providers (TICAPs) -- agencies responsible for managing their TIC internet access point's physical location and corresponding security capabilities.

In accordance with OMB memorandum M-17-26 Reducing Burden for Federal Agencies by Rescinding and Modifying OMB Memoranda, June 2017, memoranda related to the TIC Initiative (M-08-05, M-08-16 and M-08-27, and M-09-32) were rescinded by the OMB in Dec 2018.

Also in Dec 2018, the OMB Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (OFCIO) issued a draft policy memorandum announcing that it was working on TIC Version 3.0. Rather than requiring United States (US) government agencies to employ only physical TIC access points, TIC 3.0 will allow the use of alternative security controls where internet traffic would flow in accordance with one (or more) of the security controls identified in TIC Use Cases to be defined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and to be contained in Appendix A of the forthcoming TIC 3.0 memorandum.

Until such time as a final TIC 3.0 memorandum is issued, the alternative security controls identified in the TIC Use Cases in Appendix A of the draft policy memorandum shall be used. One of those alternative TIC Use Cases authorizes the continuing use of existing security controls already being provided by industry partners authorized to be Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS) providers or Federal civilian agencies designated as Multi-Service TICAPs providing services to other agencies through a shared services model.

Available Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services Providers

The General Services Administration (GSA) authorized, or will authorize pending TIC Initiative certification, multiple Networx and Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) vendors to be MTIPS providers. The list of vendors authroized to be MTIPS providers that are accessible via Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is available here. MTIPS are available as a separate managed security service, or as part of an agency’s specific statement of work directly with the vendor. GSA has also provided answers to Networx IPv6 Frequently Asked Questions.

(Note: The GSA is in the midst of an EIS acquisition. The Networx contract (and others) are transitioning to EIS. See this web page describing the multi-year transition.)

United States Government Requirements for IPv6

US government organizations' requirements for IPv6 as part of the TIC Initiative are specified in:

  1. Critical Capabilities line item TM.TC.03 of the TIC Reference Architecture Document, Version 2.2
  2. paragraph C. Standards of an EIS Statement of Work (SOW) (see sample SOW here), and
  3. paragraph C. Standards, item 29, of a Networx SOW (see sample SOW here).

The requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations as amended July, 2010 (described in the IPv6 Boiler Plate Acquisitions Language article in the Deployment section) apply. Verify the additional cost for IPv6 support (if any). Verify that connectivity via IPv6 to the MTIPS provider’s locations is available from the geographic locations included in your IPv6 deployment effort.