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The following documents explain the steps involved in enabling IPv6 on Cisco routers. You must be running Cisco IOS 12.4 or higher.

IPv6 on Cisco routers describes the basic steps in enabling IPv6 on specified interfaces of a Cisco router. This document describes some additional options when enabling IPv6 on a Cisco router.

Deploying IPv6 in WAN/Branch Networks describes the initial configuration of many aspects of routing for Cisco routers. It comes from the book IPv6 for Enterprise Networks and is provided courtesy of Cisco Press.

A complete reference with numerous examples and detailed explanation of the configuration options is available on the Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference. An IPv6-specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file is maintained by Cisco. Cisco in the past maintained an IPv6-specific Knowledge Base and maintains a Small Business Support Community for its equipment.

Configuration information for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6 (DHCPv6) may be found here.