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The following guide explains the steps involved in enabling IPv6 on AIX systems for external communications. You must be running AIX5L or higher. For internal node-to-node communications via IPv6, you must be running AIX7.1 or higher.

The basic process is as follows:

1. Run the autoconf6 command. This brings up IPv6 capable interfaces. Do this by executing either:

/usr/sbin/autoconf6 -i interfacename # Bring up a specific interface, such as en0


/usr/sbin/autoconf6 -a # Bring up all IPv6 capable interfaces

2. Start the ndpd-host service. This starts the neighbor discovery protocol daemon. Do this by executing:

startsrc -s ndpd-host

To configure IPv6 at system startup, put the above entries in the /etc/rc.tcpip file as follows:

start /usr/sbin/autoconf6 “” -a

start /usr/sbin/ndpd-host “$src_running”

NOTE: You can replace the -a argument to autoconf6 with “-i interfacename“ if necessary.

This procedure has been tested with AIX5L version 5.1. It should work with later versions as well.


IBM AIX Technical Documentation

The AIX autoconf6 and ndpd-host man pages.