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A collection of policy and guidance documents related to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in 3 parts.

Part 1: Office of Management and Budget and other non-DoD Federal government organizations documents

Part 2: United States (US) Department of Defense (DoD) documents

Part 3: Organizations outside the United States (including Canadian, European, Asian, Australian and international) documents

(Note: A policy document is a formal document setting forth specific actions that must be taken or goals that must be achieved. A guidance document is an informal document recommending non-mandatory actions that could be taken or methods that could be used to achieve recommended goals.)

Part 1: Office of Management and Budget and other non-DoD Federal government organizations documents


Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

Administrator, Office of E-Government and Information Technology

Circular A-130 Managing Information as a Strategic Resource revised July 28, 2016 (Section 5.i Leveraging the Evolving Internet)
Memorandum M-05-22 of August 2, 2005. An associated FAQ can be found here.
Improving Agency Performance Using Information and Information Technology (Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework v3.1), June, 2009
Management and Oversight of Federal Information Technology, June, 2015

Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (OFCIO)

Transition to IPv6, Sept, 2010. An updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found here. The original FAQ is available here.
Memorandum M-17-06 Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites and Digital Services, Nov 8, 2016
White Paper: Networks of the Future, Dec 2, 2019

Architecture and Infrastructure Committee Federal CIO Council (CIOC)

IPv6 Transition Guidance, Feb, 2006. An expanded outline of the list in Section 4.2 Components of an IPv6 Transition Plan can be found here
Demonstration Plan to Support Agency IPv6 Compliance, Jan, 2008
Planning Guide/Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption within the US Government, July, 2012. [Note: This memorandum was rescinded Aug, 2018, by OMB Memorandum M-18-23 Shifting From Low-Value to High-Value Work.] An updated FAQ can be found here. The original FAQ is available here.

The Federal CIOC also maintains a listing of key documents and resources (Registration Required)

Department of Education (ED)

Enterprise Architecture Program Office

IPv6 Transition Guide, Version 2.0, April, 2011

Department of Energy (DoE)

Department of Energy Acquisition Letter Al-2010-06, May, 2010

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General

DHS Must Address Internet Protocol Version 6 Challenges, May, 2008
Management Advisory Report: A Guide for Assessing Cybersecurity within the Office of Inspector General Community, Feb, 2014

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Department of Veterans Affairs Enterprise Architecture Guidance for the VA IPV6 Network Transition, Jan, 2006
Department of Veterans Affairs Transition Plan for IPV6, Version 3.00, March, 2009
Department of Veterans Affairs Memorandum “US Government Version 6 (USGv6) Guidance", September, 2016

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) staff

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), Dec, 2009 parts 7, 11, 12, and 39 as amended. The NIST Special Publications for Profile for IPv6 and UGSv6 Test Methods referenced in the amended part 11 may be found in the NIST section below.

Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Guidance, June, 2006

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Potential Impacts on Communications From IPv4 Exhaustion & IPv6 Transition, Dec, 2010

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 6: Federal Agencies Need to Plan for Transition and Manage Security Risks, GAO-05-471, May, 2005
INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 6 Federal Government in Early Stages of Transition and Key Challenges Remain, GAO-06-675, June, 2006
DoD Needs to Improve Transition Planning, GAO-20-402, June, 2020

Government Services Administration (GSA)

GSA and IPv6 White Paper, Feb, 2004

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Status of NASA's Transition To Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6),  Sept, 2010
Policies to Ensure IPv6 Compliance for Information Technology (IT) Purchases, Mar, 2016
NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. Part 1811, May, 2016

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Audit of NARA's Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6, March, 2009

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)

Department of Commerce Planning Report 05-2, IPv6 Economic Impact Assessment Final Report, Oct, 2005 (A related article: Could IPv6 Improve Network Security? And If So, at What Cost?, Jun, 2005)
The Evolving Internet: Technical and Economic Assessment of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), Jan, 2006
A Profile for IPv6 in the U.S. Government – Version 1.0, Special Publication 500-267, July, 2008
USGv6 Test Methods: General Description and Validation - Version 2.0, Special Publication 500-273, Nov, 2009
Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6, Special Publication 800-119, Dec, 2010

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Social Security Information Resources Management Strategic Plan, Fiscal Year 2007 (excerpt relating to IPv6)

Office of the Inspector General

The Social Security Administration’s Implementation of Internet Protocol version 6, Aug, 2008

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Office of the Inspector General

Audit of USAID's Implementation of Internet Protocol version 6, A-000-08-006-P, Sept, 2008

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Policies to Ensure IPv6 Compliance for Information Technology (IT) Purchases, Aug 2016
Procurement Advisory No. 127, Nov 2016
IPv6 Policy Waiver Request, Jun 2018

United States Department of Interior (DOI)

DOI Enterprise Transition Strategy, Feb, 2006

United States Department of Labor (DOL)

DOL Enterprise Transition Plan - 2011, Apr, 2011

United States Department of Treasury (US Treasury)

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Implementation, Nov, 2005
Final Audit Report – Planning Is Underway for the Enterprise-Wide Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6, but Further Actions Are Needed, Feb, 2014
Acquisition Procedures Version 1.0, Oct, 2017

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Information Directive CIO 2124.0 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Compliance Policy, Feb, 2018

Part 2: US DoD documents

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) (as sponsor of University of Pennsylvania)


DoD Policy and Guidance

Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Chapter 6 Information Technology and Business Systems, Section 3 Business Practice, Subsection 9 Enterprise Services, Subsubsection 3 Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration) [which became the DoD Chief Information Officer in Jan, 2012]

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), June, 2003
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Interim Transition Guidance, Sept, 2003
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Policy Update, Aug, 2005
Transition Planning for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), Aug, 2005
DoD Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Implementation, Feb, 2008
DoD Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Definitions, June, 2008
Guidance and Policy for Implementation of OMB IPv6 FYs 2012 and 2014 Requirements, March, 2011
DoD IPv6 Standard Profiles For IPv6 Capable Products Version 6.0, July, 2011

DoD Chief Information Officer

DoD Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA) Version 2.0, Aug, 2012
DoD Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO), Sep, 2017
DoD Internet Protocol Version 6 Implementation Direction and Guidance, Feb, 2019

(Note: Army, Navy, and Air Force IPv6 policy and guidance documents may also be found on their respective restricted-access websites mentioned in IPv6 Points of Contact in the FAQ section.)

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Unified Capabilities Requirements 2013 (UCR 2013) Change 2, Sept, 2017 (Section 5)

DISA/Information Assurance Support Environment

Security Requirements Guide (SRG)/Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) -- public access
SRG/STIGs -- restricted access (authentication required)

Office of Inspector General

DoD Needs to Reinitiate Migration to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) (Redacted) DODIG-2015-044, Dec, 2014
(Note: Instructions to obtain a copy of the unredacted document are available here.)

Department of the Army (DA)

Army Regulation 25-1 Army Knowledge Management and Information Technology, Section 6-5b, June 2013
Army Regulations 25-13 Army Telecommunications and Unified Capabilities, Sections 2-6 and 4-6, May 2017

  Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

Director, High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP)

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), Aug, 2003

Department of the Navy (DN)

  Naval Postgraduate School

The Department of Defenses Transition of Program of Record (POR) Systems from Internet Protocol Version Four (IPv4) to Internet Protocol Version Six (IPv6), Dec, 2006

United States Marine Corps (USMC)

  Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps, Command, Control, Communications, and Computers, Plans and
     Policy Division


Part 3: Organizations outside the United States (including Canadian, European, Asian, Australian and international) documents 

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TEL) 

APEC TEL IPv6 Guidelines, Sept, 2010
APEC TEL IPv6 Deployment Strategies in APEC Economies, Aug, 2017

Australian Defence Organisation

Australian Defence Organisation CDR-01 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Transition Plan, July, 2005

Australian Government Department of Finance and Deregulation, Information Management Office

A Strategy for the Transition to IPv6 for Australian Government Agencies, version 2, July, 2009
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Transition Project formally closed, Feb, 2016


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards Advisory Council of Canada (ISACC) IPv6 Task Group (IITG)

IPv6 in Canada: Final Report and Recommendations of the IITG, March, 2010

Chief Information Officer Branch

Government of Canada IPv6 Adoption Strategy, May, 2012

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Internet Protocol version 6 Network Equipment Procurement Guideline, Nov, 2012
Technical Requirements for Internet Protocol Version 6 Network Equipment Procurement Guideline v2.0, June, 2013


Central Committee of the Communist Party

Promotion of the Sixth Edition of the Internet Protocol Scale Deployment Action Plan, Nov, 2017 (English translation)

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)

Implementing the Action Plan for Promoting the Scale Deployment of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), May, 2018 (English translation)


Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post

A Practical approach for IPv6 Introduction and Migration, Aug, 2012

European Union (EU)

Impact of IPv6 on Vertical Markets, Oct, 2007
ADVANCING THE INTERNET: Action Plan for the deployment of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in Europe, June, 2008
Governments Enabled with IPv6 (GEN6) Presentations, May, 2015

IPv6 Framework for European Governments (SMART 2016/0099)

Technical Profiles IPv6 for Public Administrations in Europe, Apr, 2018
Guidelines and Process: IPv6 for Public Administrations in Europe, Nov, 2018

EU-China Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) (Note: the EU-China project ended June, 2015. The website is no longer available online.)

IPv6: Deployment Best Practices - Examples, Mar, 2015
IPv6: Deployment Best Practices - Governments and Enterprises, Jul, 2015


Bundesministerium des Innern

DEUTSCHLAND-ONLINE INFRASTRUKTUR IPv6 Reference Manual (in English), Jan, 2011


IPv6 Transition Guide for the Public Administration, version 1.1 (in English), Dec, 2013


Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications

National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap Version II, March, 2013

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

Reference model of IPv6 subnet addressing plan for Internet of Things deployment (Draft), Jan 2018. Also, see comments

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Office of the Chief Technology Officer (as sponsor of Internet Governance Project)

The Hidden Standards War: Economic Factors Affecting IPv6 Deployment (final draft), Feb 2019

Internet Society (ISOC)

State of IPv6 Deployment 2018, Jun, 2018


Japanese Task Force

Action Plan and Milestone Toward IPv4 Address Exhaustion, Oct, 2010

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) Information Sharing Platform Laboratories

IPv6 Deployment Issues version 1.2.1 (in English), Nov, 2011


Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

Guidelines on IPv6 Implementation and Compliance Test, Feb, 2012

Ministry of Energy, Water, and Communications

National Strategic IPv6 Roadmap, June, 2008


Government Roadmap for IPv4 to IPv6 Network Migration: A Case of Nepal, Aug, 2015

Next Generation IPv6 Task Force (prepared by Next Generation Applications, IPv6 Trials, IPv6 Infrastructure, and Mobile Services working groups)

Main Task Force Report, Nov, 2002

New Zealand 

 New Zealand Government, Guidance and Resources, Architecture

Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017, June, 2013

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for New Zealand Government, August, 2017

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force in conjunction with Association of Local Government Information Management (ALGIM)

ALGIM Whitepaper on IPv6 Adoption within Local Government, Oct, 2011

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force in conjunction with InternetNZ

Whitepaper on IPv6 Adoption by New Zealand Enterprise, April, 2013

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Communications and Information (NCI) Agency

NATO Communications Services (NCS) Roadmap, Technical Report 2013-SPW008905-11, March, 2014

NATO Consultation, Command, and Control Agency (NC3A)

Planning the Introduction of IPv6 in NATO, Mar, 2006

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE)

IPv6 Transition and Security Threat Report, Feb, 2014

The Number Resources Organization (NRO)

IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 transition: the NRO perspective, Dec. 2008

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy, June, 2008
Internet Address Space: Economic Considerations in the Management of IPv4 and the Deployment of IPv6, June, 2008
The Economics of Transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), Nov, 2014


El Presidente de la República

SUPREME DECREE Nº 081-2017-PCM, Jun, 2017 (English translation)


The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology

IPv6 Implementation Strategy for the State of Qatar, Jan, 2014

Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE)

RIPE IPv6 Working Group

Requirements For IPv6 in ICT Equipment RIPE-554, June, 2012

Saudi Arabia

Communications and Information Technology Commission

IPv6 Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, June, 2009


Infocomm Media Development Authority (formerly known as Infocomm Development Authority), Resource Management & Standards, Telecommunications Standards Advisory Committee

IPv6 Adoption Guide for Singapore, March 2011
Singapore Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Profile, Issue 1, Oct 2016


Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology

Study: Transition to IPv6 (Guidelines for Deliberation on the National IPv6 Strategy), March, 2012


Council of Ministers

Development Plan for the Deployment of the IPv6 Protocol in Spain, Jun, 2011


Taiwan Network Information Center (NIC)

IPv6 Deployment Strategies and Status, Aug, 2008

United Nations

Internet Governance Forum

IGF2015 Best Practice Forum on Creating an Enabling Environment for IPv6 Adoption, Nov, 2015
IGF2016 Best Practice Forum on Understanding the commercial and economic incentives behind a successful IPv6 deployment, Dec, 2016