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Listed below are some Points of Contact (PoCs) for United States (US) government organizations, Department of Defense (DoD) organizations, and non-government organizations including open source communities, standards development organizations (SDOs), and software development organizations (SWDOs) engaged in planning for, analyzing or deploying Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) network infrastructure.

An SWDO is an organization formed by one or more interested individuals, non-commercial organizations and commercial companies. SDOs are similar to SWDOs in many organizational aspects, but their purposes are quite different. The purpose of an SDO is to develop, publish and maintain standards and policies within a defined scope of responsibility. One purpose of an SWDO is to develop, publish, maintain, and/or promote use of software within a defined scope of responsibility, and (for a few SWDOs) another purpose is to function as an SDO. An SWDO often has purposes in addition to software development. The scope of an SDO or SWDO may be self-defined or it may be defined by a higher level organization.

These POCs may be used to ask questions about and discuss issues involved in IPv6 planning, analyzing and deployment efforts. This list is not intended to be either authoritative or exhaustive.

Reminder: This information is not to be used for commercial purposes, such as promotion of commercial products or services.

IPv6 Points of Contact
US Federal Government
Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council Federal IPv6 Task Force

home page (Authentication Required) 
Sept 2016 and later meeting highlights (Authentication Required)
June 2014 and later meetings (Authentication Required)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Authentication Required)

 fedv6-deploy+subscribe [at]
Earlier Federal IPv6 (Fedv6) Task Force
Meetings until March 2013 (Authentication Required)
Federal IPv6 Transition Managers
See CIO Council Federal IPv6 Task Force (above)
Federal IPv6 Inter-Agency Working Group
See CIO Council Federal IPv6 Task Force (above)
General Services Administration

 ITCSC [at]

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  usgv6-program [at]

Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) working group
(Authentication Required)

 tic [at]
Department of Defense
DREN IPv6 Team

IPv6 Knowledge Base

 ipv6-team [at]
DoD IPv6 Transition Crossroads

(Authentication Required) (no activity since 2012)

Army IPv6 Transition Planning Office

(DoD PKI Required) (no activity since 2014)

 CIO/G6IPv6Team [at]
Navy IPv6 Steering Group (NISG)

(Authentication Required) (no activity since 2014)

 Navy.IPv6.fcm [at]

Air Force
Air Force IPv6 Transition Management Office (TMO)

(DoD PKI Required) (no activity since 2014)

 afca.ipv6 [at]
Non-government Organizations
Open Source Communities
Hurricane Electric Forum  (None)
Industry IoT Consortium  info [at]
Internet2 IPv6 Working Group  wg-ipv6 [at]
LinkedIn,com Groups  After login, look though the
    "groups You May Like"
MicroSoft TechNet IPv6 Forum  (None)
North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) Best Current Operational Practice (NABCOP) (NABCOP is defunct. Website is for reference.)  (None)
Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force
Standards Development Organizations
The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)  info [at]
Industry Specification Group on IPv6 Enhanced Innovation (ISG on IPE), under the auspices of ETSI  Isgsupport [at]
Internet Architecture Board (IAB)   (Displays IAB mailing lists)
Internet Society
IPv6Forum  (none)
OMA Specworks IOT Contact Us
Software Development Organizations
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)  hostmaster [at]
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)