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A knowledge base is a web-based repository of articles about some topic together with a search capability to find information. The IPv6 Knowledge Base was created to provide organizations in the United States (U.S.) interested in IPv6 with:

i. Lessons Learned from planning for and deploying IPv6 across multiple geographic locations and on wide-area networks by enterprises, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Federal government organizations, academic institutions, and small-medium organizations with a single geographic location.
ii. General Information about IPv6 technology and its deployment at all levels, from enterprise-level planning all the way down to the small business network and home office.
iii. Tips and How-Tos on IPv6-enabling a wide variety of equipment and software.
iv. Knowledge to aid in deploying IPv6, rather than to evangelize or to motivate interest in IPv6.


The Initial Introduction article in the General Information section provides an introduction to the structure and contents of the IPv6 Knowledge Base. A site map for the IPv6 Knowledge Base can be found here..

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