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Several Content Delivery Network (CDN, also known as content distribution network) Providers can provide dual stack (Internet Protocol version 6 [IPv6] in addition to legacy IPv4) access to IPv4-only websites. This article gives reasons why you might want to use a CDN Provider, and lists some of them. Another list of dual stack CDN Providers is available here. Sometimes, the report for a CDN provider on the CDNPlanet website may indicate that dual stack access is provided. For each CDN provider, a statement of IPv6 support is available. Click on the CDN Provider Name.

CDN Provider NameCommencing
Akamai Technologies 2011
Amazon Cloudfront 2016
BelugaCDN 2016
CloudFlare,Inc. 2011
Fastly 2017
Imperva Incapsula 2015
Internap 2011
KeyCDN 2018
Leaseweb 2010
Level 3 Communications, LLC 2011
Limelight Networks, Inc. 2009
Microsoft Azure CDN 2018
Netflix Open Connect 2014
StackPath (formerly MaxCDN, Highwinds, and StackPath) 2018
Tata Communications 2008
Verizon Digital Media Services (formerly Edgecast Networks, Inc.) 2012

Google Cloud CDN commenced providing the dual stack global network and edge infrastructure services for several of the above CDN Providers in 2018, including Akamai, Cloudflare, Fastly, Level 3, Limelight, StackPath and Verizon Digital Media Services.

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