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Additional Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities websites are categorized as:

General Information
Deployment information
Recent News.

(Additional websites providing Smart Cities guidance may be found in the Smart Cities entry under Part 4: International organizations and organizations outside the United States (including Canadian, European, Asian, Australian and others) documents in the IPv6 and IoT Policy, Guidance and Best Practices article in the General Information section.)

General information

Here are some websites with general information:

Internet SOCiety (ISOC) Internet of Things (IoT) (additional websites also offered by this site)
ICANN Articles related to IoT (listing of articles)
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) website
Smart Cities World website

Deployment information

Here are some knowledge base websites:

Cisco Systems IoT Knowledge Base
Groupe Spécial Mobile (GSM) Association (GSMA) IoT Knowledgebase
IT Chronicles IoT

Here are some websites with additional deployment information:

APNIC IoT articles
ARIN IoT blog
Interoperability Internet of Things (Inter-IoT Project)
Microsoft Windows for IoT documentation
SI6 Networks IoT Toolkit
ThingsBoard Open-source IoT Platform

Recent News

These are just a few of many news websites:

CircleID IoT (blog)
Cities Today
Future IoT
GovExec GCN IoT
Infoblox IoT
IoT World Today
IoT for all (blog)
Internet SOCiety (ISOC) blog
Microsoft Q&A (forum)
TechTarget IoTAgenda

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