Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The overarching goals of the CREATE SH project are to develop software that enables comprehensive exploration of trade space design options for complex maritime systems; provide confidence in the results of computational predictions in required disciplines across all phases of the acquition process; and meet required acquisition timelines for DoD clients, primarily the US Navy.

  • Rapid Ship Design Environment (RSDE): Concept design tool that allows for the assessment of a spectrum of competing performance parameters in ship design to include: range, speed, armament, aviation support, varying hull form size and shape, systems, structures, powering, and payloads.
  • Navy Enhanced Sierra Mechanics (NESM): Extends the Department of Energy Sandia National Laboratory's multi-physics toolkit, Sierra Machanics, to provide a means to assess ship and component response to external shock and blast
  • NavyFoam:Enables high-fidelity hydrodynamic analysis and prediction of ship performance including resistance, propulsion, maneuvering, seakeeping, and seaway loads
  • Integrated Hydrodynamics Design Environment (IHDE): Enables the integration of a suite of hull form design and analysis tools for users to evaluate hydrodynamic performance (including visualizaiton) in areas of resistance, seakeeping, hydrodynamic loads, and operability in the form of percent time operable (PTO)
  • Integrated Structural Design Environment (ISDE): A multi-fidelity structural analysis environment to address the inadequacies in current structural design tools by providing a computational data-bridge between structural concpt design, first-order assessments, and detailed FEA while introducing the design capabilities needed for future Navy requirements