Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The CREAT-GV (ground vehicles) project was established to develop physics-based high-performance computing (HPC) tools to enhance ground vehicle concept development, inform requirements development, and provide requisite data for trade-space analysis, with an ultimate goal to positivity impact cost, schedule, and performance with significant reduction in risk for the acquisition community. The project is developing software tools for analyzing ground vehicle concept designs, and the mobility performance of wheeled and tracked ground vehicles, covering manned and unmanned vehicle applications. The software tools include Mercury and additonal supplementary expansion tools that greatly enhance and extend the overall capabilities of Mercury.  These combined tools enable virtual assessment of performance for proving ground- and mission-level-based mobility requirements, and are optimized for producing performance data for use in trade space analysis, enabling consideration of numerous design trades early and often throughout the acquisition lifecycle

  • Mercury:  Integrates the physics domains of vehicle dynamics, powertrain, tire-soil and track-soil interaction, and driver and control models, enabling multiple performance tests such as ride quality, discrete-obstacle shock, soft-soil mobility, sand slope climbing, maximum speed, lane change stability, and circular turn stability.