Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE) program is designed to improve the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process by developing and deploying five sets of advanced computational engineering design tools for acquisition programs:

  1. Military aircraft design
  2. Military ship design
  3. RF antenna design and integration with platforms
  4. Meshing and geometry generation
  5. Military ground vehicle design

The military aircraft design project is developing a design optimization tool that can simulate unsteady, separated flow, initially for individual aircraft components and ultimately for an entire aircraft. The military ship design project will develop and deploy accurate physics-based models for Navy vessels that address three key capabilities: ship shock response, hydrodynamics, and design space exploration for concept design. The RF antenna design project will build an efficient electromagnetic design code that incorporates modern physics and computational algorithms for high-performance computers. The fourth set of tools will enable the generation of numerical geometric representations of weapons systems and the computational meshes needed for design analysis. This new generation of computational design tools will enable acquisition system engineers to rapidly produce optimized designs for complete systems and make better design decisions than has been possible with prior design tools.

Present acquisition programs largely follow an empirical "build, test and break, fix, build …" methodology. This results in late discovery of design flaws, immature technologies issues, and system integration problems, resulting in costly rework and redesign that contribute substantially to cost overruns and schedule delays. Optimized engineering designs developed early in the acquisition process using the CREATE tools will substantially reduce costs, shorten schedules, increase design and program flexibility and agility, and, above all, improve acquisition program performance by reducing design flaws, developing sound engineering designs quickly and flexibly, and beginning the systems integration engineering process much earlier in the acquisition process. CREATE is a joint program of the Air Force, Army, Navy, and the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program.

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