Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Hero Award winners.


Innovative Practices Mr. Robert Thornhill, Navy DSRC

Technical Excellence Mr. Joel Mejeur, Navy, NSWC Dahlgren

Long Term Sustained Ms. Sharon Amerg, Army, ARL DSRC
Dr. Aram Kevorkian, Navy, SPAWAR Pacific

Up & Coming within the HPCMP Mr. Andrew Barnes, Army, ERDC
Dr. John Gilbert, Navy, NSWC Carderock 
Dr. Ben Parsons, Army, ERDC-ITL
Mr. Stephen Guimond, Air Force, AEDC ATA

HPCMP Interconnector Dr. David Lamb, Army, TARDEC Analytics Directorate
Dr. Timothy Madden, Air Force,
AFRL Directed Energy Directorate, Laser Division

Team Achievement
U.S. Naval Academy center for high performance computing Education and research
Dr. Carl Albing, Navy, USNA
Dr. Nate Chambers, Navy, USNA
Dr. Gavin Taylor, Navy, USNA

Lifetime Achievement Dr. Clifford Rhoades, HPCMP
Mr. Brad Comes, HPCMP


Please congratulate these winners on a job well-done!