Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

A-10C aircraft

A-10C aircraft with 600 gallon fuel tank at Mach 0.3 wind tunnel test, with current CFD data added in
Red curve: clean configuration
Teal curve: 3 tank configuration
Blue curve: extended the available data to the necessary sideslip values being tested today

"HPCMP Capabilities facilitate discovery of undesired flight characteristics during an aircraft’s design phase; reducing time required for design and testing." —James Clifton, Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office.

HPCMP resources enabled:

  • Rapid development testing – reducing capability development time by several months
  • Advanced development of computational approach for accurately determining aircraft response to pilot input or “virtual flight testing”
  • Quick turn-around time on decision making data. Reduced flight test risk and confirmed safety of flight parameter boundaries

Read the full paper – Stability and Control Test and Evaluation Process Improvements through Judicious Use of HPC Simulations (3348) [PDF Version]