Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Suspense: Closed

The HPCMP plans to sponsor ~40 interns to work on scientific or engineering projects using HPC tools, resources, and methods this summer at select DoD laboratories, test centers and HPCMP components. This year, the proposals are being solicited from DoD laboratories and test centers supporting a Service/Agency key mission priority or program of record; HPCMP's component areas (Centers, Networks, Security, Software Application); and computational initiatives such as CREATE, and Frontier projects.

All HIP proposals must be initiated by a DoD government scientist/engineer. Mentors are expected to utilize the existing processes, vehicles, and government-wide programs they are already using to identify and select interns. Candidate interns can range from undergraduate to graduate school students. HPCMP will provide funding up to $24K per internship (depending on internship program costs) to the DoD laboratory, test center, or HPCMP component to off-set the cost of the internship. The HIP requirements, proposal process can be found in the HIP Call for Proposals and template.

2015 Call for Mentor Proposal for HIP [PDF version]
2015 HPCMP HIP Proposal Template [WORD version]

All proposals must be submitted to 2105-HIP[at], using the attached template and file naming convention specified in the call, and received no later than 6 March 2015. We plan to announce awards mid-March.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with your scientists and engineers to give HIP interns a valuable work experience and a chance to explore career opportunities in your organization.