Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

We are a technology-led, innovation-focused program committed to extending high-performance computing (HPC) to address the Department of Defense's (DoD’s) most significant challenges, because we have seen its impact: in research, where HPC enables DoD to explore new theories and evaluate them well beyond what is practical using experiment alone; in acquisition, through the use of validated applications in design and testing, which significantly reduce the time and cost of developing weapon systems, and improve the quality of their designs; and in operations, where real-time calculations produce just-in-time information for decision makers on the battlefield.

High-performance computing amplifies the creativity, productivity, and impact of the DoD Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Acquisition Engineering (AE) communities by giving them access to insight about the physical world, and human actions within it, that would otherwise be too costly, too dangerous, or too time-intensive to obtain through observation and experiment alone.

We are accomplishing our vision today as the DoD’s central resource for expertise in the application of high-end computing to the Department’s most challenging problems. The High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) provides the people, expertise, and technologies that increase the productivity of the DoD’s RDT&E and AE communities:

  • World-class computational resources
    The HPCMP develops and fields the most advanced computing technologies available for routine use by the RDT&E and AE communities in the DoD through an architecturally-diverse, routinely-refreshed base of supercomputers and storage systems deployed at its five supercomputing centers across the nation.
  • DoD-leading software application
    The HPCMP is modernizing the base of DoD science and engineering applications by: providing vision, funding, and expertise to develop advanced physics-based computational analysis capabilities through the Department’s network of laboratories and warfare centers; by developing, demonstrating, and maturing world-class, large-scale scientific software development capabilities within the Department; and by injecting the latest university and industrial research into the computational practices of the RDT&E and AE communities.
  • Nationwide research and engineering network
    The HPCMP manages the DoD’s premiere RDT&E network, the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN). As a component of the Global Information Grid (GIG), the DREN provides high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity among DoD RDT&E, AE, and computational research communities and DoD supercomputing centers. DREN serves as a proving ground for new networking and cybersecurity technologies and fully supports IPv6 and multicast.

We are assuring the DoD’s success tomorrow by instilling computational literacy within the next generation S&T workforce and future military leaders through our leadership in the national HPC community.