The User Productivity Enhancement, Technology Transfer and Training (PETTT) initiative supports our scientists and engineers by enabling them to take full advantage of Department of Defense (DoD) high performance computing (HPC) resources in response to executing their mission. PETTT enhances the capability and productivity of the Program's user community through training, collaboration, tool and software development, technology tracking and transfer, and outreach to users.

PETTT provides support by contracting experts to assist in such activities as algorithm development and implementation, code porting and development, and specialized training. The nation’s best minds and solutions are assembled to help expedite the work and reduce overall costs of technological development and application. The contractor teams analyze DoD needs, seek the best solutions and help to implement them with our scientists and engineers.

PETTT is organized around the two supporting functional areas of Advanced Computational Environments (ACE) and User Training/Collaborative and Distance Learning Technologies (UT/CDLT). ACE synergizes efforts across data mining, remote visualization, mesh generation, parallel and performance analysis tools and code profiling, and helps foster consistent computational environments at the DoD Supercomputing Resource Centers. UT/CDLT, as its namesake indicates, provides multi-modal training and collaboration opportunities for DoD scientists and engineers.

PETTT addresses users’ needs through three approaches: reactionary support, pre-planned activities, and special projects. Each approach is based on the duration and level of user support required.

Access the PETTT Online Knowledge Center (OKC) here. (DoD PKI Required)